OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian businessman and one of the richest persons in his country Yevgeny Chernyak, in an article for Glavred, named two main reasons why the country is "doomed."

He believes that high taxes for entrepreneurs will lead to the fact that 80 percent of Ukraine's business elite will become tax residents of other countries.

Chernyak noted that "all Ukrainians, whose Facebook feeds are filled with photos from the Emirati beaches, not only swim there, most of them are busy with the paperwork for the tax residence."

The second problem, according to the businessman, was the situation on the labor market, in particular, low salaries. After the pandemic and the opening of borders, the outflow of labor will increase, and employers will only be able to retain good specialists with the help of high salaries, he continued.

The entrepreneur said that no one knows "how to pay a European salary pegged to the euro, and sell your product for a Ukrainian average check."

Evgeny Chernyak is the head of the supervisory board of the alcohol holding Global Spirits. As of 2020, the businessman was among the thirty richest people in Ukraine according to Forbes, with a fortune of $ 295 million.