OREANDA-NEWS Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refuse to fire on the territory of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic. This information was reported by the representative of the People's Militia of the LPR Yakov Osadchy.

According to him, “a massive refusal to commit fire provocations” was noticed in the units of the operational-tactical group “North”. Osadchy added that the military are afraid that they will return fire on them.

Soldiers of the 80th brigade in the city of Happiness also refused to carry out work on equipping positions, a spokesman said. The reason was the fear of predetermined mines. Yakov Osadchiy noted that the commander of the 14th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Voichenko personally arrived at these military positions for the investigation.

In July 2020, an indefinite ceasefire was declared in Donbass, agreed within the framework of the Trilateral Contact Group by representatives of Moscow, Kiev and the OSCE. Its violation is periodically stated by both sides of the conflict.

The shelling in the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic ceased on March 18, 2021.