OREANDA-NEWS  The Ukrainian military told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine plan to act in the event of a war with Russia. The military told the Ukrainian newspaper "Strana" about this.

According to a major from a unit near Horlivka, the situation in Donbass has changed over the past week.

The military received an order to strengthen the positions and create anti-tank mine fields along the lines of the enemy's probable offensive.

According to the major, three weeks ago, armored vehicles and artillery were brought to the front line - they were preparing for the offensive.

He also said that mines are now being placed on the no-man's land, roads and even behind the forward positions.

The expert notes that this is a reserve defense plan - if Russian troops participate in the offensive, then after a short battle, the Ukrainian infantry will be withdrawn to a second, more fortified line of defense.

The command of Ukraine also banned access to the neutral zone in order to avoid provocations.

Another interlocutor of the newspaper "Strana", a lieutenant colonel, spoke about the strengthening of the border with Crimea. Additional forces are being transferred there.

According to him, the units that were supposed to go to the rear were left in positions in the Luhansk region, and it is not yet known when the rotation will take place.

Recently, Kiev and Western countries have expressed concern about the movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders. At the same time, Vladimir Putin previously stated that Moscow is not going to attack anyone.