OREANDA-NEWS. The University of Leipzig, which Angela Merkel graduated from during the existence of the GDR, does not plan to hire her as a research assistant after leaving the post of German Chancellor, the university told RIA Novosti.

"Mrs. Dr. Merkel is a graduate of the University of Leipzig, was and remains a recognized politician and until 1990 worked as a research assistant at the University of Leipzig (defended in 1986). As far as we know, she has not pursued her academic career since 1990, therefore from an academic point of view the University of Leipzig is currently not considering the hiring of Mrs. Merkel in the context of her scientific knowledge (physics), "- says the written answer of the educational institution to the relevant question of RIA Novosti.

Merkel studied at the Physics Department of the University of Leipzig (then - Karl Marx University) from 1973 to 1978. Her thesis received the highest score. In 1974, at one of the student meetings, Merkel (nee Angela Dorothea Kasner) met her first husband Ulrich Merkel. In 1977, young people got married. Merkel defended her doctoral work in 1986 at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Academy of Sciences of the GDR. In 2008 she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Leipzig.

In Germany on September 26, elections were held to the German Bundestag, Merkel will become acting. Chancellor after the first meeting of the new German parliament, she will have to give up the post to the future head of the German government.