OREANDA-NEWSThe family of the US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman, who has resigned, will return home in a month and a half. This was announced on Thursday by his wife Mary Kay. “Six weeks until we return back home..”, she wrote on her Instagram page.

Huntsman posted a photograph with her husband against the backdrop of an old bright yellow Lada car. “I remember when I came here for the first time 30 years ago, there were a lot of old Zhiguli on the streets. Now they are becoming less and less common”, she shared her memories of Moscow. US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman previously filed a resignation request to Trump. The diplomat is expected to leave his post on October 3.

Huntsman was appointed head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia in October 2017. Prior to that, he served as the US Ambassador to Singapore (in 1992-1993), served as Governor of Utah (in 2005-2009), and was Ambassador to China (from 2009 to 2011). In May 2011, Huntsman announced his intention to fight for the Republican presidential candidate, but six months later announced his withdrawal from the struggle and officially supported Mitt Romney, who ultimately lost the election to Democrat Barack Obama. During the 2012 election race, Huntsman criticized Obama's proposed policy of reloading relations between Washington and Moscow.

Huntsman has led the U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow since October 2017. In 2005-2009, he was the Governor of Utah.According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the ambassador plans to return to Utah and is considering a new promotion to the governor's post. In June, The Atlantic magazine reported on Huntsman’s possible resignation. The publication also wrote that the ambassador plans to advance to the post of governor of Utah. Huntsman said last November that he had cancer. He was diagnosed with the first stage of the disease, "we will cure him and everything will be fine", he said in an interview with Deseret News, planning to leave Moscow and undergo a course of treatment in Utah.