OREANDA-NEWSUS Secretary of Justice, Attorney General William Barr believes that there was no reason to start an investigation in connection with allegations of illegal links between Russia and the campaign headquarters of current US President Donald Trump. This was announced by Barr on Thursday in an interview with reporters of the American television channel.

Speaking about the actions of the country's special services during the 2016 presidential race in the United States, as well as after its completion by the victory of Trump, Barr said: “In my opinion, there is evidence that we are not just dealing with errors or negligence. There was something much more anxious. We intend to get to the bottom of the matter. And if someone broke the law, and we can prove it, they will be held accountable".

Trump and representatives of his administration have repeatedly accused US intelligence agents of spying on the Republican campaign headquarters. Representatives of the party also called for clarification of whether there were any violations during the investigation of US special prosecutor Robert Muller.