OREANDA-NEWS American influential senator Lindsay Graham said that at the request of US President Donald Trump he asked Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chavushoglu not to put into operation Russian S-400 air defense system, then the United States would not impose sanctions.

Deliveries of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems to Turkey began on July 15. After that, Tayyip Erdogan called the S-400 the most powerful air defense system in the world.

The contract for 2.5 billion dollars was concluded in 2017. Turkey will pay part of the transaction itself, part will cover the Russian loan.

Turkey became the third after Belarus and China to the country to which Moscow supplies Triumphs. Soon India should join them.

Buying the latest Russian air defense systems triggered an international scandal: the United States demanded that the deal be abandoned and in their place be purchased Patriot complexes.

In case of refusal, Washington did not rule out the possibility of delaying or canceling the sale of the newest F-35 fighters to Ankara, but Turkey refused to make concessions.

According to the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Mevlüt ушavuşo заявилlu, after the summit of G20 leaders in Osaka, Japan, the situation between the United States and Turkey became less tense.