OREANDA-NEWSThe US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security introduced a strategy for 2020–2022. The document contains three points that characterize the current situation from the point of view of the department.

The first paragraph refers to the growing number of players targeting the United States. It says that Russia and China "operate around the world, use all the tools of the national forces against the United States and have a wide range of modern intelligence capabilities".

These players are using intelligence capabilities against the United States, the second paragraph says. Among them are biometric devices, advanced tracking equipment and advanced encryption mechanisms. According to the third paragraph, foreign intelligence agencies use them to gain access to US ministries, agencies, laboratories, the financial sector, and industrial and scientific institutions.

In this regard, the agency intends to concentrate on five tasks in the next three years: protecting critical infrastructure, reducing the number of threats to key supply chains, countering the exploitation of the American economy, protecting US democracy from foreign influence, and countering cyber and technical operations by foreign intelligence.