OREANDA-NEWSIn the United States, an activist and former U.S. Air Force analyst Chelsea Manning, who was arrested for transmitting classified information to WikiLeaks, was released from a pre-trial detention center in the city of Alexandria (Virginia).

It's reported by the Huffington Post. As part of the WikiLeaks case, in 2013 she was assigned 35 years in prison, but in 2017, former US President Barack Obama pardoned Manning. In May 2019, she was again sent to prison for refusing to testify about information leaks.

As stated in the order of the District Court in Virginia, to which The Guardian refers, in 2019, Manning was fined and ordered her to pay $ 1,000 daily if she refused to testify two months after her detention. The former soldier tried to appeal this claim, but her application was rejected. The court found that the powers of the grand jury (jury) expired, so there was no need for them to appear Manning.

At the same time, the court upheld the fines imposed on Manning, which during this time increased to $ 256 thousand.