OREANDA-NEWSThe American delegation for the first time responded to the invitation to participate in the III Global Forum of Young Diplomats, which will be held November 13-15 in Moscow. This was announced on Monday by the chairman of the Council of Young Diplomats of the Russian Foreign Ministry Konstantin Kolpakov at a press conference to the Russian media.

“I want to note that we didn’t do anything special. In the standard manner, they sent them invitations, like the other participants, they became interested. For the first time in the forums”, he said. Kolpakov added that earlier American and British colleagues visited the Moscow Diplomatic Club, which brings together employees accredited in diplomatic missions in Russia.

In addition, the chairman of the Council of Young Diplomats spoke about the topics of discussion, which will be held in a closed format. “We will discuss the draft charter of the international Association of young diplomats, which we talked about last year. Work is ongoing, but not as fast as we all want, because there are many participants, there are many comments, but we are going forward steadily.