OREANDA-NEWSDemocrats in the US Congress propose to take an intermediate package of measures to combat coronavirus and support the economy for $ 500 billion. This is stated in a joint statement by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Democratic Minority Chuck Schumer, the text of which is posted on lawmakers' websites on Wednesday.

"Democrats in Congress are calling for $ 250 billion to be sent to small businesses, while $ 125 billion should be provided through local financial institutions that work with companies and non-profit organizations created by farmers, women, minorities, and veterans", the statement said. Finally, in a statement by Pelosi and Sumer, it is proposed to expand the program for food support for needy Americans (SNAP), increasing payments within its framework by 15%. The amount of the subsidy per person depends on the total number of family members and now is about $ 150.

Democrats see their assistance package as intermediate and then intend to seek new large-scale financial injections into the economy, comparable in scale to those that were adopted in the USA at the end of March.