OREANDA-NEWSUS Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Tuesday allowed the use of $ 3.6 billion to build new barriers on the border with Mexico. This is stated in his letter to the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces, published by the American television company. "I decided that 11 military projects along the international border with Mexico, valued at $ 3.6 billion, are necessary to support the use of military forces in line with national security goals", the letter said.

It's noted that these projects are implemented primarily to prevent the smuggling of migrants into the United States. Thanks to their implementation, the number of personnel of the Ministry of Defense necessary to protect the border in those places where new barriers will be built will also be reduced. According to the American Business Newspaper, half of the funding will be redirected from military development projects in the United States, the rest will come from funds earmarked for similar projects abroad. In total, this will affect 127 projects.

US President Donald Trump signed a declaration on February 15 to introduce a state of emergency on the country's southern border. This will allow the US administration, in particular, to accumulate about $ 8 billion for the construction or repair of fences on several sections of the border with Mexico. The US government believes that this will help stop illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Earlier, trump sought inclusion in the state budget of more than $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a barrier on the border with Mexico. Due to disputes with the Democrats in this regard, Congress had a budget crisis on December 22, 2018, accompanied by a suspension of the work of the federal government, which lasted a record 35 days.