OREANDA-NEWS  On Tuesday, February 9, the US Senate voted that the impeachment procedure against former President Donald Trump does not contradict the American constitution. This information is reported by the American news agency "The Washington Post".

56 senators out of 100 voted for the constitutional procedure, 44 senators voted against this position. Most Republican senators supported Trump, but six voted alongside Democrats. The American media explained that this fact does not mean that later these six senators will vote to impeach Trump. To declare impeachment, former US President Donald Trump needs 67 members of the Senate to vote "for" this procedure.

If US senators approve the impeachment of Trump, then a second vote will take place to ban the former US president from holding public office in the future, including running for head of state.

Congressional Democrats have called for Trump's impeachment after his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6 and cut short Biden's assertion as the new US president. The riots killed five people.