OREANDA-NEWSThe United States would like to resume “in due time” full-scale nuclear security cooperation with Russia. This was emphasized on Thursday at a meeting with reporters, answering questions from a Russian media correspondent, the head of the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Safety Administration Lisa Gordon-Hagerty.

She confirmed that over the past few years the previous such interaction has been greatly reduced, in fact, it has been minimized. “We look forward to future discussions with our Russian colleagues in due time”, Gordon-Hagerty said. She not only leads the NSAID, but also holds the post of US Under Secretary of Energy. In the United States, the nuclear military complex is run by the Department of Energy.

At the same time, the head of the National Nuclear Safety Administration noted that cooperation on a limited scale between Russian and American experts in the field of nuclear safety continues, despite the current crisis in bilateral relations as a whole. "We have limited cooperation on a scientific and mainly technical basis with some of our Russian colleagues, which continues to this day". As she explained, without going into details, the remaining contacts "essentially relate to basic cooperation in the field of nuclear science". “We continue it”, the expert assured.