OREANDA-NEWSThe administration of US President Donald Trump will make a serious mistake if he decides to withdraw Washington from the Open Skies Treaty. This opinion was expressed in an article published on Sunday in the American newspaper, George Schulz, who served as US Secretary of State in 1982-1989, William Perry, who served as US Secretary of Defense in 1994-1997, and Sam Nunn, who served as Georgia Senator from 1972 to 1997.

The publication notes that the ability to fly over the territories of the countries participating in the treaty was "especially useful for the United States and its allies to monitor Russia's military activities". "Even in times of tensions between Moscow and Washington, this agreement helps maintain a certain degree of transparency and trust", the article said.

The authors of the publication noted that withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty "would damage the security of the United States and its allies." "The United States should maintain the agreement, especially in the period of growing tension in relations with Russia", they stressed.