OREANDA-NEWS  The Venezuelan government does not intend to reduce cooperation with Russian companies against the background of the political crisis in the country, but, on the contrary, plans to expand them. This was stated on Sunday at a briefing for the Russian press Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez, commenting on the statements of the opposition on plans to reduce cooperation with Russia.

"I met with representatives of Russian companies yesterday," she said. "Not only are we not going to reduce our relations with them in any way, but we will also expand them."

"Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is not just a good friend of Russia and President Vladimir Putin personally, but also continues to deepen our relations," Rodriguez added. "We will develop and deepen it, both in the geopolitical sense and in terms of building a multipolar new world."

In Venezuela, dual power is brewing. The West and a number of Latin American countries recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido acting President of the state, then as the de facto head of state Nicolas Maduro announced them illegitimate.

Mexican authorities reported that they still consider Maduro the President of Venezuela. Cuba and Bolivia, the successive allies of Caracas in the Latin American region, also announced their support for the current government.

The UN remained neutral, calling on all political forces to engage in dialogue.

Venezuela is a country in South America that is experiencing an acute socio-economic and political crisis. Inflation in 2018 amounted to 1,700,000%, GDP fell by 15%, more than 3 million people left, the country occupies 169 (out of 180) place in the corruption perception Index, about 1/3 of the population remained unemployed. The country has an acute shortage, including essential products, food, medicines and gasoline — despite the fact that Venezuela is one of the world's largest oil producers.