OREANDA-NEWS. Voters in the US capital, Washington, voted by majority to decriminalize the cultivation, storage and distribution of hallucinogenic mushrooms for non-commercial purposes, The Hill newspaper reported.

According to the results of the vote, presented on the official website of the Washington, DC election committee, the measure, which ran on the ballot as Initiative 81, was approved by more than 76% of voters, while 23% voted against. As the newspaper notes, it provides that the Washington police will make "cultivation, cultivation, purchase, transportation, distribution and storage and / or involvement in the practice with plants and fungi-entheogenes" one of the least important areas of law enforcement.

The trend towards the possibility of legalizing previously banned substances is also observed in other states. Earlier it was reported that in the last vote on November 3, New Jersey voters voted to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, and Oregonians supported decriminalizing the presence of small quantities of hard drugs, including heroin and cocaine, and legalized the "controlled use" of psilocybin.

Earlier it was reported that amid the coronavirus epidemic, the use of marijuana and other prohibited substances has increased.