OREANDA-NEWS. Xinhua news agency reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the country’s citizens to stop wasting food and cultivate frugality. The coronavirus pandemic is a food security signal for China, the politician added.

“It is necessary to strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, take effective measures, create a long-term mechanism and vigorously suppress unnecessary food waste. It is necessary to step by step strengthen propaganda and education, effectively instill the habit of moderation and economy in food, create an atmosphere of shame in society for squandering food and pride in saving,” Xi Jinping said.

Xinhua notes that the Chinese leader advocated saving food even before the COVID-19 outbreak. He has been giving such recommendations regularly since 2013, the agency writes.

In October last year, the Chinese authorities issued a guide to the formation of moral values ​​in a new era, which affects different aspects of the life of citizens, from socialist values ​​and education to sorting garbage and eating behaviour.