OREANDA-NEWS. A young Japanese woman who was blogging about motorcycles on Twitter turned out to be a 50-year-old biker addicted to the FaceApp app. Almost 19 thousand subscribers who follow the blog "motorcyclists" were probably surprised by this turn of events.

The current state of affairs became known to users thanks to the reflection in the rear-view mirror, which was noticed in one photo by especially attentive fans. It was clearly not a young beauty reflected there. In addition, readers were alarmed by the male hand in another picture.

After that, journalists got involved in the case. TV people have found out who is hiding behind the image of a young lover of fast driving.

As a result, the biker admitted that he somehow decided to experiment with the FaceApp application and got carried away. He added that he wanted to "promote" a blog about motorcycles, but believed that no one would want to look at a middle-aged man, but they would want to look at a young girl.

As a result, according to the Daily Mail, Internet users were impressed not so much by the Japanese motorcycles as by his image editing skills.

In 2020, a similar story happened with a popular beauty blogger. The author of the YouTube channel, who shared the secrets of makeup, admitted that she was born a man, and then changed her gender.