OREANDA-NEWSPresident of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting with Senator from the US Republican Party Robert Portman spoke about the needs of the Ukrainian army in new weapons systems. This Portman said during a speech in the Senate. According to him, Zelensky spoke about the courage of the Ukrainian army and the need to resist Russian propaganda. “We talked about some ideas that will help counter this propaganda, interference and misinformation, and I have already contacted the State Department about these ideas”, said the politician.

In addition, Portman spoke about the conversation with the new chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak. According to the senator, during the meeting also discussed the issue of assistance to Ukraine. “I have already started discussing with my colleagues on the Armed Forces Committee and the administration of US President Donald Trump these details and some of the requests he has made”, he said.

It is known that Portman has already begun discussing some of Zelensky's requests. It should be noted that the possibility of supplying American air defense and coastal defense systems to Ukraine, as well as additional Javelin missile systems was discussed in March. Moreover, last year, the United States was ready to give Square 50 million dollars for the purchase of lethal weapons. On June 5, Zelensky declared that a referendum on Ukraine’s entry into NATO would be held when Ukrainians are ready for it. According to him, the authorities of the country intend to work with the population, explaining to the Ukrainians, “what is NATO and that it isn't so bad”.

It should be noted that in the 2020 fiscal year (in the US begins October 1), Washington pledged $ 250 million for the delivery of military aid to Ukraine, including lethal defensive weapons. The US budget for this fiscal year allocated $ 200 million.