OREANDA-NEWSVladimir Zelensky is leading in the second round of the presidential election in Ukraine with 73.09% of the vote after processing by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine 80% of the electronic protocols. This was reported on Monday by the CEC of Ukraine. The current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko received the support of 24.57% of voters. According to the CEC, 2.32% of ballots were declared invalid.

According to the information of the Central Election Commission, Zelensky is leading in all regions of Ukraine, except for the Lviv region. The leader of the presidential race received the greatest support in the Odessa region, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv and Lugansk regions. In Kiev, 60.25% of voters voted for Zelensky.

Earlier, during a telephone conversation, US President Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Zelensky on his victory in the presidential elections in Ukraine and expressed his readiness to support Kiev, the White House said in a statement. Trump, as they say in the message, wished Zelensky success, calling the elections "an important moment in the history of Ukraine", and also noting that the elections were held in a peaceful and democratic manner. In addition, Trump declared the "unshakable US commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in its recognized international borders," and also expressed his readiness to cooperate with Zelensky and Ukraine's citizens on the issue of reform.

It was also reported that Vladimir Zelensky, who is winning the presidential elections in Ukraine, may visit the Russian Crimea to understand and recognize the choice of the Crimeans made in favor of Russia, said the head of the committee of the Crimean parliament on interethnic relations Yuri Gempel.