OREANDA-NEWS. The publication "Strana.ua" criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for condemning the protesters in the United States.

The head of state criticized the capture of the Capitol by Donald Trump's supporters on the eve, calling the event a "terrible attack" and not mentioning the dead protesters.

The publication's commentary on the Telegram channel says: "Note that Zelensky's rhetoric about the events on the Ukrainian Maidan is completely opposite - he grieves for the activists who died at the hands of the security forces. But, apparently, for him the events in the United States are" different."

The day before, supporters of the incumbent President Donald Trump, during a rally in support of him in Washington, attacked the Congress building, interrupting the meeting, during which the approval of the election results and the announcement of the official victory of Joe Biden. The congressmen were evacuated, and the police used tear gas and stun grenades against the protesters. According to police, four people died.

Congress today confirmed Biden's victory in the presidential election. This decision will automatically nullify the opportunity to challenge the voting results. Trump said he disagreed with the results, but added that an orderly transfer of power would take place on January 20.