OREANDA-NEWS. August 24, 2015. B&N Bank has won the tender held by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) for acquisition of assets and liabilities of Probusinessbank (JSC). B&N Bank assumes all obligations of Probusinessbank to its individual depositors irrespective of a deposit size (even though any deposit exceeds the insured amount of RUB 1.4 million). B&N Bank will start servicing the depositors of Probusinessbank not later than August 26, 2015.

“Depositors of Probusinessbank will automatically become the customers of B&N Bank, which guarantees the fulfillment of all obligations to individuals. All conditions on deposits, including interest rates and terms, will remain unchanged. Thus, the depositors may be sure about the complete safety of their savings and income payable according to existing deposit agreements. At the same time, B&N Bank is able to expand its client base and to offer a wide range of additional products and services to its new clientele,” commented the majority shareholder of B&N Bank, Mikail Shishkhanov.  

The total amount of liabilities taken by B&N Bank will be up to RUB 25 billion. As a result, more than 330 thousand deposit agreements for individuals will be transferred to B&N Bank.  

Simultaneously B&N Bank will take (at the book value) some part of Probusinessbank’s assets represented by claims under credit agreements, letters of credit, securities, real property and cash. The total amount of property transferred to B&N Bank will be equivalent to liabilities assumed by the Bank (up to RUB 25 billion).

For further information depositors can contact B&N Bank at 8 800 555 22 02.