OREANDA-NEWS. Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon site, said he was promising to make a $ 1 billion donation to save the planet. Reported by the publication Reuters.

This commitment is part of the promise of the Bezos Earth Fund, which Jeff Bezos created in 2020. Then he pledged to allocate $ 10 billion by 2030 to fund the activities of scientists, activists and non-profit organizations in the fight against climate change.

The billionaire believes that climate change is "the biggest threat to our planet." In 2021, part of the grant is planned to be given to conservation programs in the Congo Basin regions in Central Africa, the Northern Andes in Latin America and the Pacific Ocean. At the moment, it is not yet known which organizations will receive funding from the Bezos Earth Fund.

Grants will be prioritized in areas where local communities and indigenous peoples are the focus of conservation programs, Bezos Earth Fund said.

Earlier it was reported that in September, Bill Gates, one of the creators of Microsoft, received several hundred million dollars to save the planet. In 2016, the billionaire founded Breakthrough Energy, a non-profit organization, which received investments from seven large American companies.

The exact amount of funds received by the organization has not been disclosed, but analysts say it could be as high as a billion dollars. The money was invested by companies such as Microsoft, BlackRock, General Motors, American Airlines, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America, and ArcelorMittal. The money will go to the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst project, which is responsible for producing new solutions to support a zero-carbon economy.