21.06.2021, 14:56

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Joseph Wu (Wu Zhao-se) thanked the United States on June 20 for donating 2.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden and Putin
21.06.2021, 14:09

Peskov called the conclusions about the Putin-Biden summit based on US sanctions a primitive position

21.06.2021, 13:45

The fear has objective physiological reasons.

vladimir zelenskiy
18.06.2021, 15:22

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy is confident in the inevitability of his meeting with Putin.

18.06.2021, 11:06

The Austrian Foreign Ministry commented to EUObserver on the information that Austria is trying to soften the economic sanctions that the European Union intends to impose on Belarus, as it became known the day before.

17.06.2021, 14:29
The source of the list of cyberattack leaders voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, led by the United States, Canada and Britain, was LexisNexis Risk Solutions.
Video surveillance system
16.06.2021, 12:45
The authorities are discussing the development of a special platform that will integrate video surveillance systems throughout the country.
Ukrainian language
15.06.2021, 17:23
An 18-year-old student from the Kiev region jokingly called for a ban on citizens to communicate in Ukrainian and called herself Russian, which caused a scandal on social networks and Ukrainian media.
11.06.2021, 12:56

Twitter has not removed nearly 500 banned posts, according to the Roskomnadzor website.

TikTok House
09.06.2021, 15:09
Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation was asked to check the so-called TikTok houses in Russia for compliance with the legislation and other norms of living and working in them for children and adolescent bloggers.
app store
08.06.2021, 15:52

For example, they banned misleading ads even outside the store.

08.06.2021, 14:07

The Apple firm Has Announced about the New Features at Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 which took place 7 June

08.06.2021, 13:48
Problems with the work of more than ten social networks and sites of major international media were recorded on June 8.
Mark Zuckerberg
08.06.2021, 09:53
Facebook has announced that it does not intend to take its share of creators’ paid content  until 2023. Thus, the social network intends to attract the most influential authors of Internet sites to use their services.


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