The airport
22.06.2021, 12:13
The Russian airline Aeroflot has increased the number of animals allowed for transportation by one passenger from one to three, lifted the ban on flights for pugs and clarified the requirements for containers for pets.
Taxi in Moscow
17.06.2021, 14:40

The Moscow Administrative Highway Inspectorate (MADI) demanded that taxi aggregators prohibit drivers with foreign driving license from connecting to services.

A Fighter
16.06.2021, 15:13
Earlier on June 16, it became known that the Estonian military claims that two Russian Su-35 planes on Tuesday allegedly violated the country's air border.
Ryanair Aircraft
14.06.2021, 17:24
Minsk is determined to find the authors of the "mining" of the Ryanair plane, which urgently landed in Minsk, said the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus Dmitry Gora.
14.06.2021, 12:02

The number of flights between Moscow and Minsk is increasing to 20 per week, said Deputy Director General of the National Airport Minsk Vasily Kornev.

Train in Russia
11.06.2021, 11:56

The Russian government will subsidize preferential rates for family travel on long-distance trains, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reports.

Russian ships in the Pacific ocean
10.06.2021, 11:20

Naval maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean started in Russia. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

MH17 plane crash
09.06.2021, 14:44
A court in the Netherlands added to the case of the MH17 plane crash the testimony of witnesses about the absence on the day of the tragedy of the Buk air defense missile system in Zaroshchenskoye, controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces.
Electric Scooters
09.06.2021, 11:56

It is now impossible to rent an electric scooter in St. Petersburg. Today, kicksharing companies (scooter rental service) have removed all scooters from the map.

Jeff Bezos
07.06.2021, 16:08

The Amazon’s firm general director Jeff Bezos intends to fly into space on July 20 in his own spacecraft. The billionaire told about this on his Instagram page.

07.06.2021, 13:38

Currently, the rules for screening passengers and cargo are being established.

07.06.2021, 12:27

The improvement the country’s epidemiological situation with Covid-19 allowed the Moroccan authorities to partially resume a flight connection with other countries. This should facilitate the return of Moroccans.

The plane.
04.06.2021, 17:32

Planes of state-owned companies are prohibited from flying over the EU countries and landing at it's airports.

Plane of «Belavia».
04.06.2021, 14:57

The members of the organization believe that aviation security should never be politicized.

02.06.2021, 11:58
Belarus intends to apply to ICAO in connection with the ban of some countries on the use of their airspace in relation to Belarusian air carriers.


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