Coronavirus in Israel
23.06.2021, 16:37

The Israeli authorities are again tightening quarantine requirements due to outbreaks of coronavirus in certain areas of the country, mandatory wearing of masks is returning at the airport, according to the Ministry of Health.

23.06.2021, 13:50
The first case of the Delta coronavirus strain was detected in a person who arrived in Slovakia from Russia.
Flag of Belarus
23.06.2021, 13:12

A number of European countries, under the influence of the United States, want to make small Belarus an "outcast" and destroy it, said the head of the republic's defense ministry Viktor Khrenin on Wednesday.

Detention of tourists in Chad
22.06.2021, 16:04
Charge d'Affaires of Russia in the Republic of Chad Sergei Kramarenko announced an apology received from the country's foreign ministry for the detention of tourists.
22.06.2021, 14:29
A teenager from Florence turned to lawyers because of parents forbidding him to get vaccinated against coronavirus.
21.06.2021, 14:56

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Joseph Wu (Wu Zhao-se) thanked the United States on June 20 for donating 2.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Stefan Lofven
21.06.2021, 14:37

The leader of the Left Party Nushi Dadgostar said earlier that she did not trust Stefan Leuven because of the government's proposal to introduce market prices for rental housing in new homes.

Biden and Putin
21.06.2021, 14:09

Peskov called the conclusions about the Putin-Biden summit based on US sanctions a primitive position

21.06.2021, 13:25
The vaccination of citizens from COVID-19 at places of work and study began in Japan.
21.06.2021, 13:04

Side effects of statins tend to affect muscles, causing pain or stiffness. Taking the drug also causes discomfort or bowel problems.

21.06.2021, 12:15

If a person got infected with the coronavirus, but has not been vaccinated, the chance of dying from COVID-19 is 1 in 30, said the allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

21.06.2021, 11:26

The author of a scientific article on the origin of the coronavirus, the founder of the gene therapy company Youthereum Genetics, Yuri Deigin allowed the disclosure of new facts confirming the leak of SАRS-CoV-2 from the laboratory.

21.06.2021, 11:08
According to the newspaper The Guardian, having studied the data on mortality in human populations throughout history and compared them with statistics of other species, experts came to the conclusion that mortality depends primarily on "biological limitations" that medicine cannot yet overcome.
21.06.2021, 10:53

The space object will reach its point of maximum approach to the Earth on June 25

21.06.2021, 10:34

Thousands of protesters are demanding that President Jair Bolsonaro be charged with failing to cope with the pandemic.


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