OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, since the beginning of the year, the cost of gasoline has grown more than in the entire 2020. A sharp rise in fuel prices is reported by Kommesrant with reference to Rosstat data.

According to the information received, over the past week, gasoline prices increased by 0.3%, while since the beginning of the year - by 3.2%, which is 1.3 times more than in the entire 2020. In particular, the cost of AI-92 and AI-95 last year increased by 2.5%, and diesel fuel - by 1.4%. In addition, the rise in fuel prices is ahead of the current inflation rate of 2.1%.

It is noted that retail prices for gasoline, with a month's delay, repeats the dynamics of wholesale prices, which depend on the sharply increased world oil price, as well as on the volume of its supplies in the domestic market.

The Ministry of Energy told Kommersant that the current growth in the retail segment is mainly due to an increase in external quotations for oil and oil products.

The ministry said that at present all the necessary measures have been taken to respond to the situation of rising prices, in particular, the adjustment of the damper mechanism in favor of its increase has been additionally worked out.

At the same time, the ministry noted that since March 10, the situation at the exchange trading has been stable, and the rise in prices at gas stations is within the range of annual inflation.