OREANDA-NEWS. Germany in April may not receive a planned batch of almost 900 thousand doses of coronavirus vaccine from the American company Moderna. This is reported by Business Insider, citing government sources.

According to the newspaper, in the period April 26 - May 2, 627-878 thousand doses of Moderna vaccine are expected to be delivered, but "apparently" Germany will not receive a single one. Given the problems with the supply of the AsrtaZeneca vaccine, the German authorities intend to fill the missing volumes with increased supplies from BioNTech, and some vaccination records will be canceled.

A German government spokesman told the newspaper: "Since we hardly have reserves, and in addition we have a lot of bookings for vaccinations for the next weeks, we will find ourselves in a quandary."

As the newspaper notes, the exact cause of the supply problems is unknown, but Moderna deliveries are "very often" planned for the short term, delivery delays were noted back in March.

As the head of the British Ministry of Health Matt Hancock said, in Wales on Wednesday, April 7, vaccination against coronavirus infection COVID-19 with the drug of the American company Moderna begins.