OREANDA-NEWS. The Labor Inspectorate of Latvia demanded an explanation from Olga Konopleva, a citizen of the country, for using the Russian language in a post on Facebook.

So, the entrepreneur published on her page on the social network an entry about the search for a personal assistant.

After that, the department sent her a letter stating that, according to the law, such announcements can only be posted in Latvian.

"Have we lived to the point of absurdity? Labor inspection, do you read me? This is my personal page. And I write in whatever language I want!" - wrote Konopleva, attaching a screenshot of the letter from the department to the post.

The deputy of the Latvian Seimas, human rights activist Boris Tsilevich believes that it will hardly be possible to punish Konopleva for using the Russian language on Facebook.

Tsilevich wrote on Facebook: "They have the right to ask. Punish - no. Apparently, someone framed. The question is whether this text is an official vacancy announcement, I think this is just informal information about a vacancy on a personal page in social networks, such information is not regulated by the language law. "

In turn, lawyer Alexei Dimitrov explained that a public text can be considered a vacancy announcement, since the law does not regulate its form.

The state language of Latvia is Latvian. Russian, which is native to almost 40% of the population, has a foreign status.