OREANDA-NEWS. To stop the construction of the pipeline Nord Stream 2, the United States will continue to impose sanctions on the project. This was said by Christopher Robinson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

He noted that Washington does not want to impose sanctions, but it will use its powers to stop the project, Robinson said at the Atlantic Council conference. According to the politician, the already imposed sanctions are working. We will stop the pipeline, Robinson added.

The representative of the US State Department also said that stopping the project could help in the future to improve relations between Washington and Moscow. If we want a more stable relationship with Russia, or strive to improve relations with Russia, then stopping and containing hostile Russian influence will play a key role in this future US–Russian relationship, he said.

Earlier, the US Senate approved the draft defense budget for the 2021 fiscal year, which provides for the expansion of restrictive measures against Nord Stream 2. US President Donald Trump has threatened to veto the bill. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin is still interested in completing the gas pipeline.