OREANDA-NEWS. The main railways of Russia await great prospects. By 2030, it is planned to provide them with infrastructure for the use of drones and electric vehicles. This is the subject of the "Aggressive Infrastructure Development" project, which the government is actively discussing with experts.

According to the Vesti Sochi State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, which aired on the Russia 1 and Russia 24 TV channels, one of the promising innovations will be the creation of high-speed railways. Their use will reduce travel time between major cities by more than half. As a result, this will not only actually bring the settlements closer together, but also increase the freight traffic. The route from Moscow to Adler and Sochi, for example, will be shortened from the current 24 hours to just 12 hours. This was reported by TASS.

In order to achieve the set goals, it is planned to increase capital investments in transport in 2024: up to 5% of GDP. This is about 7.4 trillion rubles. Of these, extra-budgetary sources will amount to 4.4 trillion rubles. By 2030, investments in transport will increase to 10.8 trillion rubles, including 6.1 trillion rubles from extra-budgetary sources.