OREANDA-NEWS  Italian rail and urban transport workers will go on a nationwide strike on 23 April at the call of the Orsa union, demanding that the authorities provide them with an urgent vaccination against COVID-19.

According to information posted on the website of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, most urban transport workers will stop working for four hours, mostly in the evening. So, in Rome, the movement of buses, trams, metro and suburban trains will be stopped at 20:30.

A similar decision was made by the transport workers of a number of other large Italian cities. In Milan, employees of the municipal transport company ATM, supporting the demands of the union, will nevertheless not participate in today's action, since the group's management had previously undertaken to vaccinate 10000 people against coronavirus directly at work.

On railroad transport, the strike will last eight hours. The Italian State Railways National Group has advised its clients that train cancellations and changes in timetables may occur at the regional level from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. At the same time, the country's largest railway company assured that the movement of high-speed trains will be carried out on schedule.