OREANDA-NEWS. Sberbank Corporate University hosted a two-day seminar titled “The Role of Cybersecurity in Digital Organisations”. The seminar was organised by Sberbank’s Cybersecurity Service as part of its Cybersecurity Academy programme. It was attended by representatives of the work groups from the Russian Government’s Digital Economy programme, tech companies, universities, and Sberbank subsidiaries.

Participants were demonstrated a concept of transforming information security into cyber security, a process that is process that is inextricably linked to digital transformation. The goal of the seminar was to get its participants to focus on the issue of cybersecurity at different levels: managerial, process-based, and technological.

The seminar was put together on the basis of the practices that Sberbank Cybersecurity Service applies and develops. Participants discussed cybersecurity strategy and culture, operational security (security operations centre), the security of development processes, and combatting cyberfraud. Participants of the seminar were very pleased to be able to hear first-hand about the practical experience of developing advanced cybersecurity practices and overcoming obstacles when developing a digital organisation.

“To create successful digital companies and build a digital economy, you need to be able to effectively counteract cyberthreats,” commented Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank. “Cybersecurity is above all a combination of skills and knowledge, and our seminars will help people obtain and develop them.”

The goal of the Cybersecurity Academy concept is to encourage discussion of pressing cybersecurity issues among representatives of IT divisions and heads of service and business blocks as well as IT managers. The Academy’s events involve reviewing the latest practices in order to go beyond “classic” information security by adding relevant cybersecurity topics – primarily issues of operating security and development of information systems, transformation of the culture within organisations and deploying cutting-edge security technologies. This helps us increase the overall level of cybersecurity awareness and take into cybersecurity into account in all aspects of business management and development at digital companies.