OREANDA-NEWS Amazon overcame the bar of $ 1 trillion capitalization at the auction on September, 4. Internet giant became the second company from the United States, which obeyed a record mark. The first trillion-dollar level reached Apple.

The company Amazon was in circulation 487741189 ordinary shares on 18 July.  The share price exceeded $2050.27 per share .   The Internet giant did this a month after the trillion dollar value reached Apple

According to Nasdaq, yesterday’s maximum for Amazon was $2050.50. At 19:20 GMT shares again traded below this level at around $2035.60 apiece.

The dynamics show that a steady trillion will become a reality in the next few days-if the market correction does not intervene. A General downtrend will be possible if in the near future US President Donald Trump announces the introduction of new duties against Chinese goods.

Now the market value of the two largest US companies is more than three times higher than the capitalization of the entire Russian stock market. The total value of Apple and Amazon were also 1.2 times more than the capitalization of companies included in the German stock market index DAX.

Amazon was established in 1994 and is engaged in the sale of goods and services via the Internet. The range of products includes books, consumer electronics, children's toys, food, household and sports goods and much more. In addition to the United States, the company has offices in other countries. Now Amazon is a diversified global Corporation with an annual revenue of more than $ 200 billion and a staff of about 575 thousand people.

According to Forbes magazine, the founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos  is the richest man in the world.

To around $1 trillion gradually approach other technology companies in the U.S. - Alphabet (holding company Google) and Microsoft.