OREANDA-NEWS. Executive Director of the U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes said that the Russian stock market has become one of the most attractive global platforms and outperformed the American indices in terms of its performance.

"In 2021, Russian stocks are outperforming the S&P 500 companies. American parameters have recovered about 20% over this period, while the Moscow Exchange is up more than 31%," the financier wrote in an article for Forbes.

In his opinion, the potential of the Russian economy has not been fully used. He believes that this growth will continue in 2022 thanks to the inflow of investments. The expert also expects relief from the sanctions pressure.

In addition, Holmes argues that Russian stocks are greatly undervalued compared to Japanese, European and American stocks.

The Moscow Exchange index on Tuesday, September 21, closed 2.7% below the record high of 4081.98 points set on September 15, and on Wednesday, September 22, it traded 1.5% below the record peak. The growth potential of the Russian stock market in the perspective of the last quarter of 2021 is constructive, and it is possible that in the coming months IMOEX will be able to rewrite the historical extremum and reach 4200 p.