OREANDA-NEWS. On 22 September 2016, the share capital reduction of AS Tallink Grupp was registered in Commercial Register according to the resolutions adopted by the annual general meeting of shareholders on 14 June 2016.

The share capital was reduced as follows:

1. The share capital was reduced by cancelling 3,935,000 own shares held by the company, with total book value of EUR 2,361,000. As a result of cancellation of own shares, the company has 669,882,040 shares, with total book value of EUR 401,929,224.

2. The share capital was reduced by the reduction of the book value of the shares, as a result of which the book value of one share was reduced from EUR 0.60 to EUR 0.54, whereas the total number of the shares remain the same (i.e. 669,882,040 shares). Based on the above, the share capital decreased from EUR 401,929,224 by EUR 40,192,922.4, and the new share capital is EUR 361,736,301.6.

The share capital reduction payments to the shareholders in total amount of EUR 40,192,922.40 (EUR 0.06 per share) will be made on 23 December 2016.