OREANDA-NEWS. eServGlobal (AIM:ESG & ASX:ESV) is pleased to announce that HomeSend and Ericsson have announced a partnership in the mobile money domain. Under this partnership Ericsson mobile wallet platform will now be certified by HomeSend.

eServGlobal welcomes this good news for HomeSend which demonstrates its continued reach.

HomeSend is a joint venture between MasterCardeServGlobal and BICS.

The full announcement made by Ericsson is set out below.

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eServGlobal (AIM:ESG, ASX:ESV) offers mobile money solutions which put feature-rich services at the fingertips of users worldwide, covering the full spectrum of mobile financial services, mobile wallet, mobile commerce, recharge, promotions and agent management.

For more than 30 years, eServGlobal has been a source of innovation for telcos and financial institutions. Using carrier-grade, next-generation technology, eServGlobal aligns with the requirements of customers around the globe.

Together with MasterCard and BICS, eServGlobal is a joint venture partner of the HomeSend global payment hub, enabling cross-border money transfer between mobile wallets, cards, bank accounts or cash outlets from anywhere in the world.

Ericsson and HomeSend partner to make remittances easy and accessible in emerging markets

·     Ericsson-powered mobile financial services gain access to HomeSend's growing network of money transfer operators, cash agents and banks in over 200 countries

·     Ericsson Wallet Platform will be HomeSend Certified, expanding remittance reach

·     Mobile money users will now enjoy new levels of remittance flexibility, choice and value

HomeSend and Ericsson today announced a partnership to simplify and accelerate the adoption of international remittances via mobile across emerging markets. With access to HomeSend's growing network of money transfer operators (MTOs), cash agents and banks in over 200 countries, millions of Ericsson-powered mobile wallet users globally will benefit from easier and faster international payment services.

The Ericsson Wallet Platform is now certified by HomeSend, a joint venture between MasterCard, eServGlobal and BICS that is changing the way money moves around the world by bridging the gap between financial institutions, non-financial entities and mobile network operators. The HomeSend-Ericsson partnership will give financial service providers a low-cost, simple and fast way to connect the HomeSend global money transfer hub with Ericsson's mobile money offering around the world. With this, mobile money users can now enjoy new levels of flexibility, choice and value.

Ericsson's Mobile Financial Services solutions now also include Ericsson Interconnect, the company's cloud-based financial transactions switching and mediation service, which aims to extend reach to Financial Services providers using any wallet or mobile banking platform.

Stephen Doyle, CEO, HomeSend says: "The partnership represents HomeSend's continuing commitment to displace cash and facilitate electronic payments, advancing financial inclusion in the new global economy. Millions of new unbanked consumers will gain improved access to digital inflows from friends and relatives, as we continue to advance toward a fully open ecosystem for global mobile money remittances."

In 2016, the World Bank expects remittances to reach over $600 billion, with more than $440 billion being sent to developing countries. Being able to reliably, safely and conveniently send and receive money across borders are basic requirements for financial inclusion. The partnership bridges the gap between finance and telecommunication service providers, enabling mobile wallet users to send and receive money from their family abroad through their mobile phones and enables financial institutions to offer their customers the convenience of digital money transfers  - regardless of their location or that of the recipient.