OREANDA-NEWS. The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE) is pleased to announce the launch of an online platform to capitalise on the success of its existing pan-European business network. The unveiling of the service sees COBCOE take the lead in digitising critical infrastructure and support services for the international trading community.

COBCOE Connects uses the latest technology to match business contacts within a trusted environment. The platform hosts networks of chambers of commerce, trade associations and other respected organisations, as well as companies working in partnership with COBCOE. The service also makes businesses visible to those looking for their products or services via the platform, providing companies with a new source of strong sales leads.

These networks are moderated by staff of a local chamber of commerce or business organisation; people with in-depth knowledge of their local market or sector that can provide follow-on support to users of the system. This allows businesses to build contacts in new markets that are matched to a company's particular requirements.

COBCOE, as the membership organisation for British chambers of commerce and business associations in Europe, has members located across Europe and beyond representing around 8,000 businesses. A further 50 organisations in the UK and around the world are affiliated with COBCOE, including major multinational companies.

COBCOE's pan-European network currently provides a unique intelligence resource with which to establish and test the real needs of business. The organisation's new digital platform meets these needs during a time of increasing concern around the preservation and growth of essential complex supply networks throughout Europe.

COBCOE Connects has the support of two Founding Partners: Kompass International ("Kompass"), a data specialist with a presence in over 60 countries, and URICA, the fintech global payments network that ensures suppliers receive timely payments. Rochester PR, a market entry specialist, also supports the platform.

David Thomas MBE, Executive Chairman of COBCOE, commented:

"COBCOE Connects will allow members of British chambers of commerce in Europe, the UK and beyond to link up online through advanced digital matchmaking, to find trusted contacts and new leads from foreign markets, thereby breaking down some of the major barriers to business growth.

"It is essential that UK and European business be supported through informed representation at a policy making level, and through services that actually help them grow. COBCOE continues to take the lead to ensure that the pan-European business community is fully supported, both by policymakers and by a robust network."

Stuart Pocock, Director of Kompass UK, on behalf of Kompass International, said:

"Kompass is proud to be a Founding Partner on this important initiative and platform to facilitate the increase of pan-European cross-border trade. Despite current uncertainties within the EU, what remains a certainty across Europe as a whole is the requirement for businesses of any size to have easier access to new customers, distributors and partners at each stage of the supply chain. Supported by Kompass global data and software solutions, COBCOE Connects is a significant factor in delivering this access." 

Lindsay Whitelaw, Chairman and Founder of URICA, commented:

"URICA is excited to be a Founding Partner of COBCOE Connects. At a time of increasing concern around the preservation and growth of the complex supply networks that support trade throughout Europe, this platform digitises the critical export infrastructure needed by pan-European business.

"URICA's mission fully aligns with the purpose of COBCOE Connects to get business trading on better terms. We are pleased to back the platform with our online global supply chain funding network, which already helps businesses improve the way they make and receive payments in the UK and overseas."