OREANDA-NEWS The Russians scored a record number of loans at the end of 2018. The total debt on them now is 14.86 trillion rubles, according to newspaper "Izvestia" on Wednesday, February 27.

According to the All-Russian Popular Front, the most credited regions of the country were Kalmykia, Tuva, Chuvashia, Irkutsk region and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. Most of the delays were made by residents of Ingushetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Buryatia, North Ossetia and Adygea.

The average debt burden (the ratio of credit debt to average annual income) of Russian families increased from 22% to 27%. The average debt of one family is 263 thousand rubles, and overdue debt — 13.4 thousand rubles.

About half of the debts of citizens to banks today account for mortgage loans. It is with a mortgage that attracts customers with low rates that the growth of debts is associated.

The total amount of mortgage loans taken by residents of the Russian Federation reached 6.38 trillion rubles, of which housing loans for 3 trillion rubles were issued last year.

According to experts, the debts of Russians to banks will continue to grow in 2019-by 10-12% or up to 16.3 – 16.6 trillion rubles. At the same time, the growth rate of debt will significantly slow down. It is noted that at the same time the number of those who are not able to repay debts in a timely manner is reduced. The share of those who cannot pay their debts on time has decreased to 5.1%.

- The deferred demand was largely satisfied in 2018, so in many segments it is if not close to exhaustion, then significantly lower than last year, — said Alexey Korenev, analyst of the group of Companies "Finam".

According to experts, much will depend on the foreign policy and domestic economic situation.