OREANDA-NEWS The Central Bank, amid the introduction of commissions in a number of banks for servicing foreign currency accounts, said that credit institutions should not worsen the conditions of service to existing customers.

Also, the Central Bank reminded that unilaterally changing the terms and conditions of a bank deposit agreement, including the introduction or increase of fees, is a violation of the law on banks and banking activities.

At the same time, the press release notes that after the introduction of sanctions currency transactions may carry risks for both credit institutions and citizens, so banks will continue to reduce the volume of its currency transactions or refuse to offer currency products to customers at all.

Tinkoff Bank earlier announced the introduction of fees for foreign currency accounts. The fee will be valid from June 23 and will apply to accounts in U.S. dollars, euros, pounds sterling and Swiss francs. The service fee will be 1% per month if the balance is above 1000 conventional units in the account currency.  Raiffeisenbank said that from June 30, it will introduce a 0.2% commission a month for the use of foreign currency accounts, which are kept from 5 thousand conventional units.