OREANDA-NEWS China has reduced investments in bonds of the us national debt by 7.7 billion dollars, according to the latest data of the US Treasury. This is only a small percentage of the total amount that China held in US securities. Until now China has remained the bonds in the amount of 1.171 trillion dollars.

In second place in the list of holders of securities is Japan, which holds the Treasury securities of the US at 1,0355 trillion dollars. In third place is Ireland, which has bonds worth 300 billion.

Turkey reduced its investments in US government bonds and dropped out of the list of the largest holders of US Treasury securities. This is evidenced by the report of the us Treasury for June. According to this document, in May, Turkey accounted for securities totaling $ 32.6 billion, in June this figure fell to 28.8 billion.

Recently, relations between Ankara and Washington have cooled somewhat. In November 2017, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even accused the US of aiding terrorists in Syria. Since then, Ankara has consistently reduced its investments in us government bonds, for a little more than six months, Turkey's share has halved (61.2 billion in Novemb er 2017).

Russia has kept in July of this year the volume of investments in securities of the US government in the amount of $14.9 billion this is evidenced by the data published on Tuesday by the US Treasury Department.

At the moment, Russia is not among the countries that invest in US government bonds more than others.

Foreign States owned in July 2018 US securities totaling $6,251 trillion, in June 2018, the same figure was $6,211 trillion.

American government bonds are owned by foreign legal entities and individuals, as well as companies, funds and private investors. Trade in them allows the US government to carry out public spending in the face of large budget deficits. US Treasury bonds are considered to be the most reliable securities of those that are sold in the global financial market, although not the most profitable.