OREANDA-NEWS Deutsche Bank is thinking about transferring part of its assets from London to Frankfurt. This is due to pressure from European regulators regarding the size and complexity of European transactions in the UK after Brexit.

Ultimately, the German Bank can move about three-quarters of its balance sheet  from the capital of Great Britain to their homeland because of Brexit. About it writes the British newspaper Financial Times (FT) with reference to others sources. In General, this amount, according to the FT, is estimated at €600 billion that is to withdraw from London Deutsche Bank, according to the interlocutors of the publication, can up to € 450 billion assets.

Any transfer of German Bank assets equivalent to almost half of the total amount held by European credit institutions in the UK will be a big blow to London, the Financial Times notes, stressing that other foreign banks against the background of "UK uncertainty leaving the EU", also withdraw their assets from the country to the States of continental Europe.

The fact that Deutsche Bank has increased its capital in Germany, reducing it in the UK, earlier, as the newspaper recalls, insisted the European Central Bank (ECB). Only in this way, according to representatives of the European regulator, the German credit institution will be able to comply with the rules for branches of European banks in the "third countries" (to them the UK will be treated after leaving the European Union in March).

The requirements of the ECB, as reported by sources of the English newspaper, become so burdensome for Deutsche Bank that it is more likely: after Brexit, the German Bank will obey them.

Deutsche Bank and the ECB refused to comment on this information.

Earlier, on September 16, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, called for a second referendum on Brexit. The final decision on this issue, in his opinion, should take the British. The British government, the Mayor also accused of a" chaotic approach" to the negotiations on the exit from the EU. This, according to Khan, can worsen the welfare of the country's residents.