OREANDA-NEWS. German Internal affairs minister Horst Seehofer imposed a ban on the activities of the Islamic humanitarian organization «Ansaar International e.V.» and it's constituent institutions. The organization finances terrorism around the world with donations, said the press secretary of the German Ministry Steve Alter on Twitter on Wednesday, May 5.

«Whoever wants to defeat terror must drain the sources of it's funding», he quoted Seehofer as saying.

According to the «SWR» TV company and the «Bild» newspaper, in the morning of the same day, a series of searches took place in the apartments and garages of alleged Islamists in ten of the 16 federal states of Germany.

According to the media's information, a nine organizations were banned by the German Interior Ministry, including the «Somali Committee for Information and Consulting in Darmstadt», the foundation of the German-Tunisian football player Enis Ben-Khatira in Berlin, the «WWR-Help Association», the «ANS Association for the Protection of Women's Rights», «Ummashop» and second hand «UG» stores, and the «Better World Appeal» organization.

According to «SWR», the Minister's order banning organizations indicates, that the parent organization violates constitutional norms. In particular, «Ansaar International» sends minors from Germany to institutions associated with it to convey to them an extremist-Salafist worldview, the document referred.

In addition, the ministry has data, that the donations collected by the Islamic organization are directed to support the terrorist militant group «Jabhat al-Nusra» in Syria, which several years ago joined the new group «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham». The document mentions the financing of the Palestinian movement «Hamas» and the Somali Islamist group «Harakat al-Shabab».

It's about direct transfer of funds and support for projects related to these terrorist organizations, «SWR» notes. With this money, the terrorists recruit new supporters and strengthen their influence, it is indicated further. At the same time, «Ansaar International» hides these actions from it's donors.