OREANDA-NEWSThe High Court in London has allowed UK charges of contempt for two businessmen in the Baring Vostok case. According to The Financial Times, this week the court decided to accept the lawsuit of the Baring Vostok investment fund against the former owner of Uniastrum Artem Avetisyan and the shareholder of Vostochny Bank Sherzod Yusupov.

A Baring Vostok statement said that Avetisyan violated a High Court ruling last year by refusing to arbitrate in London and “suing the city 5,000 miles (more than 8,000 km) east of Moscow to gain control of the bank ". We are talking about the proceedings in the arbitration court of the Amur region. Earlier in an interview with Russian media, Artem Avetisyan stated that Baring Vostok would initiate criminal prosecution against him in London.

FT sources clarify that the lawsuit of Baring Vostok will be considered in June this year, Avetisyan and Yusupov are summoned to a hearing in London. According to the publication, if businessmen are found guilty, they face fines, confiscation of property or imprisonment. Avetisyan and Yusupov did not respond to FT requests for comments.

In September, the Amur Court also refused to transfer the consideration of the claim for recovering $ 9.8 billion from Calvi to the London Arbitration Court.