OREANDA-NEWS. Muscovites were told about the procedure for drawing cars, which was started by the authorities of the capital to stimulate vaccination. Those who receive the first component for the first time from June 14 to July 11 have a chance.

No lottery tickets will be issued during vaccination. The drawing will be held on the basis of the data that the person will indicate before the vaccination.

Starting from June 23, on Wednesdays, the winners will be announced on the Moscow 24 TV channel. The last name, initials and the last four digits of the phone number will be called.

"When people are vaccinated, they leave their contact details. This is played out, and the last name with initials and the last 4 digits of the phone will be officially announced. Thus, it is not open to everyone, a person will recognize himself, and an outsider will not be able to recognize him." said the head of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Platonov RIA Novosti.

Once a week, 5 cars will be raffled, worth about 1 million rubles each. The cars were purchased with money donated by Moscow entrepreneurs to a special fund.

“The business community is interested in avoiding lockdowns. Therefore, some companies, including the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have sent 100 thousand to this fund,” said Platonov.

The Moscow region authorities have also announced a stimulating lottery. Among those who will take root will play an apartment in Serpukhov.

The number of patients with coronavirus continues to grow in Russia. For the first time since March 23, the daily record for deaths among infected people was broken. The Moscow authorities announced the mandatory vaccination of service workers.