OREANDA-NEWS. Forbes has published an annual ranking of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia. Moreover, 13 of them took positions in this list for the first time. The newcomers were entrepreneurs working in the sector of new technologies, finance and retail.

The general fortune of businessmen who were included in the rating for the first time is $ 29.6 billion. The richest newcomer turned out to be the former Deputy Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation and former Director of Yota Denis Sverdlov, who owns 76% of the shares of the Arrival electric car company. The company was listed on NASDAQ on March 25 with a capitalization of $ 13.6 billion. Thanks to this, Denis Sverdlov immediately took 17th place in the Forbes rating with an estimate of his fortune at $ 10.6 billion.

Also on the list for the first time were: the creator of SEMrush Oleg Schegolev, who is in 153rd place with a fortune of $ 800 million. Retailers Sergey Lomakin and Artem Khachatryan are in 48th and 49th positions in the rating, each of which is worth $ 3.4 billion.

The list was also joined by co-owners of JetBrains Sergey Dmitriev and Valentin Kipyatkov, who took 38 and 56 positions respectively.

Among the richest Russian businessmen was Vladimir Ivanov, who is a shareholder of Yandex and ranked 159th on the list. Valentina Schneider, whose family business is the Svetofor chain of stores, was ranked 182 in the Forbes ranking.

The top ten richest businessmen in Russia looks like this: Alexey Mordashov and family - $ 29,100 million, Vladimir Potanin - $ 27,000 million, Vladimir Lisin - $ 26,200 million, Vagit Alekperov - $ 24,900 million, Leonid Mikhelson - $ 24,900 million, Gennady Timchenko - $ 22,000 million, Alisher Usmanov - $ 18,400 million, Andrey Melnichenko - $ 17,900 million, Pavel Durov - $ 17,200 million, Suleiman Kerimov and family - $ 15,800 million.