OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of labor presented the draft budget of the Pension Fund of Russia for 2019 and the next two years. The transfer from the Federal budget during next three years will be 10 trillion rubles.

The total income of the Pension Fund in 2019 is estimated at 8,625 trillion rubles., expenses-8,648 trillion rubles., the deficit will be 23 billion rubles., follows from the draft budget of the FIU for 2019-2021 years, posted on the portal regulation.gov.ru Ministry of labor.

Including the transfer to the budget of the Pension Fund from the Federal budget in 2019 will be 3.33 trillion rubles, or 38.6% of the total income of the Fund. In 2020, the transfer will grow to 3.44 trillion rubles., in 2021 will again be 3.33 trillion rubles. The share of the transfer from the Federal budget in total revenues of the FIU will decrease to 35.8% by the end of the planning period, follows from the document.

The dependence of the Pension Fund on the Federal transfer will be reduced due to the outstripping growth of own revenues of the Pension Fund, follows from the draft of its budget. Thus, in 2020, the Fund's own income (mainly formed from employers ' contributions to compulsory pension insurance of employees) should grow by 5.4%, to 5.58 trillion rubles. (with the growth of FIU spending by 4.5%), in 2021 — by 7.2%, to 5.98 trillion rubles (with an increase in spending by 3.4%).

"The draft law takes into account all the proposals of President Vladimir Putin to mitigate the pension reform, including retirement six months earlier in 2019 and 2020, reducing the required length of service for retirement to 37 and 42 years of women and men, respectively, early retirement of mothers with three and four children, the preservation of early retirement for the peoples of the North, from 2019 to increase the fixed payment by 25% for working in agriculture and living in rural areas," — said in the press service of the Pension Fund.