OREANDA-NEWS The office President's Departments of Russia has chosen a contractor for the restoration of the Golden dome of the national Capitol in the Cuban capital. It costs 642 million rubles, according to the official materials.

Havana will celebrate its 500th anniversary in November 2019. The Capitol was built in 1929, and thirty years before the victory of the Cuban revolution Parliament sat there. The architecture resembles the same name building in Washington. However, Cubans are proud of the fact that their Capitol was higher.

The purchase of materials is carried out from a single contractor, and the future contractor is not disclosed. The contract price - 642,4 million rubles, the source of funding - the Federal budget, follows from the documents. Work should be carried out in two stages: the first — from 15 August to 15 November this year, the second — from mid-November to 31 October 2019.

In addition, the public procurement portal contains information on the selection of a contractor for the implementation of construction control in the process of restoring the Golden dome cover. The contract value is 10.85 million rubles. The President's Departments was also carried out the purchase from a single supplier, information about it is not disclosed.

In May 2017, the company "Goszagransobstvennost" President's Departments of the Russian Federation held a competition for the implementation of design work to restore the gold cover of the dome of the Capitol in Havana. A maximum contract price was 20 million rubles.

Earlier, the Department ordered for measurement and survey work on the dome to find out the technical condition of its main load-bearing structures. It costed 2.4 million rubles.

Valentina Matvienko  - the speaker of Council of Federation, said that Russian experts will assist in the restoration of the Havana Capitol building in 2016. Capitol building will house the national Assembly of people's power of Cuba. According to this information, Cuban parliamentarians asked Russia for help.