OREANDA-NEWS In the banking sector of the Moscow region in the second quarter of 2019, 4,294 Bank of Russia banknotes with signs of forgery were revealed. It is reported by the press service of the Central Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District.

The overwhelming majority of fakes are banknotes with a denomination of 5 thousand rubles: they were found 3,130 pieces. Also in April-June of the current year in Moscow and the Moscow region fake banknotes of other large denominations were revealed: fake banknotes of 2 thousand rubles - 342 pieces, thousand-ruby fakes - 731 pieces.

Banknotes of other denominations among fakes are much less common. 17 fakes with denominations of 500 rubles and 59 counterfeit banknotes with denominations of 100 rubles were revealed. In the second quarter, fake 200 rubles and 50 rubles were found: one banknote each.

Also during the reporting three-month period, 401 counterfeit currency of foreign countries was discovered in the banking sector of the Moscow region. Most often, bank experts met fake US dollars - 236 pieces, fake euros were found less frequently (161 pieces). In addition, fake Chinese Yuan (three banknotes) and British pounds sterling (one banknote) were identified.

The regions of the Central Federal District, in addition to Moscow, with the most frequently detected counterfeit banknotes of the Bank of Russia in April-June 2019 were the Voronezh region (138 pieces), the Tver region (138 bills) and the Tula region (95 counterfeit banknotes).